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Hey Song Roasted Japanese Green Tea No Sugar

Hey Song Roasted Japanese Green Tea No Sugar

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Hey Song has come out with this green tea that is brewed with 100% Japanese tea leaves, no sugar and no artificial flavour added. They use ‟double extract” technique at high temperature to extract the aroma of Hojicha, and low temperature to keep the Sencha’s sweet aftertaste. You can smell the roasted aroma and taste the mellow after taste behind!
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Storage Condition:

– Avoid Direct Exposure To Sunlight
– And/or Storage At High Temperatures.
– Keep Refrigerated At 4°C After Opened
– Sedimentation is a Natural Phenomenon,Shake Well Before Use.

*Ingredients :

Water, Sencha (Shizuoka), Green Tea (Shizuoka), Hojicha (Shimane), Green Tea Extract (Okayama), Sodium L-Ascorbate, Sodium Bicarbonate


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