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Genki Forest Sparkling Water Grape Delight

Genki Forest Sparkling Water Grape Delight

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The fragrant, robust flavour of our grape will quench your thirst and nostalgia. Our Grape Delight has that wonderful flavour you remember from childhood, but none of the calories or sugar you want as an adult. Bursting with real grape juice, it’s not just good, it really is “grape”.

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Whoever said sparkling water is boring hasn’t had ours. Genki Forest’s sparkling water is inspired by global ingredients, best-loved recipes, and unique memories. Our sparkling water is sugar free and calorie free, while maintaining 100% flavour, so that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health. Better yet, we double down on the bubbles. Our sparkling water is 2.5x bubbly compared to most sparkling drinks in market — More fizzy, more fun!


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